Welcome to the free SEO course. My name is Derek Jansen and I look forward to teaching you the basics of SEO so that you can benefit from having your website featured at the top of Google and the other major search engines.

Before we get started

Please register on SEOMoz (It’s free for one month, which is all you need) and enter your site’s details. This is critical to analyzing your website and we will use this data in the upcoming lessons. SEOMoz is my favorite SEO analysis tool and offers the best insights into SEO. Click here to register and get started.

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Once That’s Done

SEOMoz will then start crawling your current website, as well as your competitors and should be done within a day or two. Just let it run – it’s a fantastic tool. Keep in mind that apart from these lessons, you are welcome to email me at any time (or leave a comment at the bottom of the page) with questions you might have – I’m always willing to help! Before we get started on our first lesson though, I just want to take a step back and clear up any uncertainties about search engine optimization (SEO) in general. Now that that’s out the way, let’s get started…

Search Engine 101

First of all, let’s look at search engines. The primary task of any search engine (be it Google, Yahoo or MSN) is to provide the searcher (your potential customer) with the most relevant and popular results to his or search. The search engines all use different types of algorithms to assess which websites “deserve” to be ranked highly and these algorithms are constantly changing and developing so as to provide the user with the best possible results for their query. This, in short, is the business of the search engines.

The Big Three Search Engines - Google, Bing & Yahoo

The Big Three Search Engines - Google, Bing & Yahoo

Search engine optimization is therefore the process of optimizing your website to rank well in the search engines for the relevant search criteria. SEO is not the be all and end all of internet marketing, and cannot be relied upon solely for the marketing success of any business or website. SEO is however an incredibly powerful tool for driving free qualified prospects (visitors) to your website and/or business and the long-term benefits of SEO far outweigh the initial time investment. SEO forms the foundation of any kind of internet success.

The process of SEO can be absolutely free if you do everything yourself, and there are of course paid options available in terms of SEO tools and software, as well as turnkey SEO services provided by SEO companies. I do however suggest that you commit to learning the basics of SEO in this course so that you know what to expect either way and can avoid any “dodgy” SEO providers should you decide to go the paid route (as there are many of these around). As with any technical topic, there will be those who take advantage of other people’s ignorance – don’t get caught out – learn the basics so that you can make an informed decision!

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